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The Old Cuchillo Bar is a Confirmed Haunted Property in New Mexico Historic Adobe Stagecoach Stop in a New Mexico Ghost Town Help save an Historiic New Mexico Adobe Structure  

The small New Mexico ghost town of Cuchillo, New Mexico
and many of it's properties have been known to have paranormal activity experienced on them, and several have been confirmed as haunted locations by many ghost investigation groups from the southwestern United States. The Investigations have resulted in evidence in the form of EVPs (electronic voice phenomenon), video capture, temperature changes, and eye witness acounts of unexplainable events.

The Old Cuchillo Bar and Store property has been featured by many national and international media outlets related to the haunting at Cuchillo, as well as the owners use of sustainability and repurposing in his modern renovation of the 150 year old hotel. If you are interested in doing an article, or want more information about using the property as a filming location in New Mexico.

The Old Cuchillo Bar was featured in many press outlets worldwide. Ghost Investigations of New Mexico Investigates the Hauntings in Cuchillo, NM Southwest Paranormal Investigations from Las Cruces, NM~ Ghost Investigations Results from the Old Cuchillo Bar in New Mexico West Coast Ghost and Paranormal Society Ghost Investigations Results on The Old Cuchillo Bar Property in NM The Old Cuchillo Bar and Hotel Facebook Fan Page~Become a Fan!
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